MWS Wires

MWS Wires

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Making custom-engineered specialty wire is an art and science, and it takes a highly experienced team to understand exactly what's required for your application. At MWS, we translate your exacting specification into a physical reality by breaking the manufacturing down into controlled process details. Step by step, we engineer an efficient yet carefully supervised production process that transforms raw materials into your perfect wire. MWS is capable of producing round, square, rectangular, ribbon, Multifilar®, Twistite™ or Microsquare™ wires conforming to NEMA MW 1000 and IEC 60317 in temperature classes 105°C to 240°C, from single through quadruple film builds.

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Polymide ML Insulation is Ideal for Aerospace and Defense Applications

Aerospace and Defense industries require sophisticated solutions to complex challenges in avionics, electronics, flight controls, GPS, navigation systems, and deep space exploration. Polyimide ML Insulation is a key to Aerospace Wire performance and longevity in space. The uses for Polyimide ML insulation (thermal class 240°C) are high-temperature continuous duty coils, hermetically sealed relays, and fractional and integral HP motors. This insulation is primarily used in the aerospace industry due to its minimal outgassing property.

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MD&M Conference

Come see us at Booth #3728 at MD&M Minneapolis from November 2-3, 2022. MD&M explores the latest insights and solutions in the fast-moving MedTech industry and includes exhibits, conferences, and special events on packaging, automation, plastics, and design.

Thank You, Craig

Craig Zvorak joined MWS in December of 2015 and quickly moved up the ladder. He previously worked at a sporting goods store for 13 years and loved customer service and going above and beyond for the customer. Craig was hired in the shipping department at MWS and shortly after moved into Quality Assurance. He learned about wire testing and the technical details of MWS' capabilities. The sales team recognized this, and Craig moved into the sales department with a focus on medical customers.

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Headquarters in Oxnard, California, USA

MWS inventories thousands of Magnet and Specialty wires along with top-of-the-line production facilities for drawing, shaping, serving, twisting and insulating of wire for high-technology users worldwide.

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